AIA / Protect Elite Ultra 3 加裕智倍保3

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  • Provides coverage for Life, Critical Illness, Early Stage Critical Illness and Severe Child Diseases all in one plan with attractive savings elements
  • Cover 58 Critical Illnesses, 44 Early Stage Critical Illnesses and 13 Severe Child Diseases
  • Provide extra death and critical illness benefit in first 10 Policy Years with Coverage Booster
  • Provide Selected Critical Illness Shield Benefit, covering multiple cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Provide first-in-market “Cancer Treatment Flexi Option”, giving the option to shorten the cancer waiting period to 1 year by claiming 50% initial sum assured
  • Provides extra benefits of “Waiver of Premium on Death (Parents/Spouse)”, “Serious Infectious Disease Protection Benefit”, “Super Lifestage Option” and “Cover For Undetected Congenital Conditions” which are all first-in-market in Hong Kong
  • Super Lifestage Option: An option to purchase an additional life protection insurance plan without requiring further health information upon any of the milestone events
  • United States Dollar as the policy currency
  • Premium payment period: 10-year, 18-year, 25-year and 30-year
  • The premium is level but not guaranteed
  • Issue age 15 days – age 65 subject to premium payment term


Brochure (download Eng / Chi)

AIA Flash (download Chi)


Proposal Sample

  1. Smoker
10 years Payment Term
18 years Payment Term
25 years Payment Term


  1. Non-Smoker
10 years Payment Term
18 years Payment Term
25 years Payment Term
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