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LionPainter Flexi(the “Plan”) from Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Company”) is tailored to shield your loved ones from financial burdens brought by unfortunate events. The Plan offers life cover with great flexibility in Premium Payment Term that range from 10-25 years to suit your individual needs. It also

guarantees an additional percentage of return on top of the 100% of Total Premiums Paid at the end of the Benefit Term, helping you grow your asset while enjoying the protection.


  1. Premium Refund - refund up to 103%of Total Premiums Paid to help you achieve your dreams.
  2. If death is due to Accident, the Company will pay an additional of 200% of Total Premiums Paid as Accidental Death Bene­t.
  3. Application for the Plan is easy with simpli­ed application procedure. Just answer 3 questions, premium will be guaranteed for the whole Bene­t Term.


  1. Level Terms:- 10-25 years
  2. Maximum Enter Age: - 70
  3. Maximum Insurable Age: - 80
  4. Minimum Insured Amount: - US$100,000
  5. Free Benefits: - Terminal Illness Bene­t / Waiver of Premium Bene­t / Unemployment Bene­t / Accidental Death Bene­t / Guaranteed Conversion Option / Guaranteed Insurability Option (subject to terms and conditions)


Brochure (download Eng / Chi)


 Proposal Sample

  1. Smoker
  1. Non-Smoke
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